The key competence of our company lies in quality assurance through industrial image processing. The main focus is on surface inspection, transmitted light analysis and profile measurement. We utilize special sensors, area cameras, line scan cameras and 2D/3D laser sensors.

Flexibility through customization

We adapt our measuring systems so that they can be seamlessly integrated into your production. Our inspection method is contact-free, non-destructive and usually fully automated. On request, we create interfaces to your infrastructure so that our systems can be configured for production without manual interaction.

In the following we show a few examples from our product portfolio to give you an insight into our work. Please contact us for further information.


Intelligent thermographic analysis

Compact design
Automatic measuring methods

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High-speed microscopy with high depth of focus

20 megapixel resolution
15 x 10 mm image area
60 m/min production speed


Scans tool profiles with CAD data matching in less than 10 seconds

Measures diameter, run-out, form and surface defects
6.3 µm repeatability

Scratch Detection

360° Surface inspection and profile measurement

Non-contact optical analysis
Scratch detection and dimensioning
150 m/min production speed

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Two-sided belt analysis

2 line scan cameras
38 µm resolution
150 m/min production speed