Quality Assurance

A consistently high and documentable product quality is the key to success. Find not only faults, but also their causes. Our systems for industrial image processing are versatile and allow continuous analysis of your production - in almost any environment: no matter if it is heat, dust or high production speeds. We always try to find a solution.


To ensure that Industry 4.0 does not remain just a buzzword: Rely on state-of-the-art technologies that offer your company added value. For example through our UHF RFID Product Portfolio. Equip not only your tools but also your products with tiny RFID tags. Paperwork, typos and question marks are a thing of the past.
By the way: Our RFID tags also work in metallic environments.

One Project – One Company

You will receive your project from one company. Whether individual Elektronics, Software or Mechanics, everything is created in our house. We guarantee the long-term availability of all components and offer excellent service - so that you don't fall by the wayside.