Software is our key to success: It is the bridge between the sensors of our systems and the measurement result. Pipelines for signal processing, methods for compensating disturbances or classifiers for defects, all these are among the challenges of our software. And in all these steps, it must be ensured that no defects in the product are overseen.

Our software developers do their utmost to create a software system that is as robust and intelligent as possible. However, we do not neglect the fact that the system should be easy to use. Therefore, we perform dozens of iterations in our designs to reduce the operating effort to a minimum. Most of our systems now have high-resolution touch screens, which let you operate our applications like an application on your cell phone - intuitive and uncomplicated.

However, the user-friendly operation does not mean that our measuring systems cannot be configured in a versatile way: They are connected to databases that can manage the measurement parameters for thousands of product types. Some of our systems even allow you to import CAD data of your products and match the production with them at runtime.

For you, this means: No more random sample measurements, just 100% test coverage. The positive side effect: If measurement data is archived, the quality of the products can be reviewed even after the product has already left your factory.

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